Exposure that Pulls

Exposure that Pulls

April 15, 2013 in Promotion, Recent

A (Brief) Lesson in Working Smart I used to buy $5 sunglasses from the guy at the flea market. He wasn't even the guy near the front entrance with a huge booth and three employees. (They were more expensive and did not have my FAVORITE style.) After leaving a few expensive pairs here and there – I finally wised up!

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Whole Brain Songwriting

March 20, 2013 in Songwriting

whole brain songwriting: achieving soul-flow

Developing Your Product Before you even BEGIN expecting to make money in music: you've got to have a viable product. Something that is good enough to cause at least some members of the public to willingly part with their cash! Contrary to popular sentiment: creating highly desirable musical material is not necessarily a random act of destiny or fate. There are certain basic rules, processes and structures which govern the development of GREAT music. They are simple enough that nearly anyone with a moderate amount of dedication can comprehend and put into practice.

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Producing Your Own Songs

March 12, 2013 in Songwriting

Have you noticed that we use the terms "Theme and Variation?" I've heard a lot of great up and coming writers who have enough excellent material in a single piece of music to build several songs. In other words they have several inspired themes going on in the same song. The problem is that these competing themes effectively cancel each other out.

The brain craves to hear the same theme patterns over and over again with brief variations for contrast.

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Big Record Deals

Big Record Deals

February 25, 2013 in Promotion, Recent

Jumping in With the Sharks

Here's the typical situation. You find your music starting to make waves. Maybe just locally: but you are starting to get attention. Your manager makes some calls and important people start showing up at your gigs. The thrill of fame and fortune seem to be knocking at your door.

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The No Airplay Opportunity

The No Airplay Opportunity

February 15, 2013 in Promotion, Recent


If you really care to know the dirty details about how the big business music machine operates, go ahead and get a copy of "The Hitmen" by Frederic Dannen".

In summary, it's impossible to get any kind of serious radio airplay unless you are prepared to pay several hundred thousand bucks per song. In the industry these fees called PROMOTIONAL EXPENSES. 

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Composition Strategies for Beginners

June 12, 2010 in Songwriting


The Creative Building Blocks

Have you read our Whole Brain Songwriting concept?

Well lets say that you took the opportunity to let your creativity simply pour out of you: unobstructed by the analytical side of your mind. Ideally when you are finished you should have lots of separate little phrases of inspirational music. These are the raw building blocks which your analytical mind can use to build a coherent song.

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Anatomy of a Hit

March 20, 2010 in Songwriting

Golden Ears Know..

Experienced "ears" in the business are those executives who are able to "hear" a hit. A big part of it is the spirit and intensity of an artist. But even more so it's the fundamental STRUCTURE of a song. To be honest: if a song has the right structure even a kid on the street can pick it out.

Those golden ears often prefer to hear a song in it's raw form without a fancy demo to obscure the underlying inspiration. An acoustic guitar or piano and a vocal should be enough. Even in electronic music: LESS is more when showing off the underlying strength of your songs.

If you song doesn't pull in the listener in its most basic form then it probably won't be a hit.

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Your Own CD Factory

February 20, 2010 in Equipment

Your own CD factory

Have you ever looked into having your own shrink-wrapped CD’s manufactured? It’s usually about $1000 investment right off the bat. This is a risky little venture, because you never know if they will stock the shelves of your closet for the next 10 years. There really is a much smarter way to go. Test-market concepts and see if they really fly.

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Music Earnings NOW!

February 20, 2010 in Promotion

The Business of Expression Can Equal Serious Cash – Examples One rapper-kid I spoke with never sells less than 300 CDs per night at $5 each. His following has grown to the point that anything he puts for sale on MySpace sells at least 900 units! ( Online his CDs go for $12 each. I'll let YOU do the math. SERIOUSLY! Get out your calculator now. ) People in his home region meet him in the street and ask for autographs. This guy lives in a relatively RURAL area. Not in a big city where performance options abound. Other local musicians now come to him for production help and he gives them exposure by including their material in his own recordings.

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Collaborative Songwriting Strategies

Collaborative Songwriting Strategies

February 15, 2010 in Recent, Songwriting

Musical Excellence through Teamwork

Songwriters need to recognize that much modern music ( including the Beetles sound ) is the result of a committee-style creative process. The guys from the band would come up with the brilliant stuff and their producer George Martin would structure it into a coherent musical statement. Neither could exist without the other.

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